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Hi- I am a High School sophomore pitcher from Maryland and I was wondering if you guys could look at a couple videos of me pitching and give me any help or tips to help me become a better pitcher. Here are the links to my videos:

Thanks alot

what do you guys think?

Overall, I think you look pretty good. But there’s always things to improve on…

(1) You appear to stride to the 3b side of home plate and then you bend at the waist toward the glove side to get your upper half back in line with the target. This posture change can lead to and inconsistent release point. I will raise and pull back your release point. If you only did this from the wind-up, I’d say that your rocker step to the side contributed to this. And it still may. But you also do this when throwing from the stretch.

(2) I don’t like that you let the glove swing down and back. Dropping the glove can lead to opening up the shoulders early and causing an inappropriate posture change. Letting it swing back takes it out of position to defend yourself against a liner back up the box.

(3) You appear to get good hip and shoulder separation.

(4) You appear to build up good momentum and get a good stride length despite starting off rather slowly in the wind-up. But I do think you could go a little faster and get out over the front leg a little bit more.

How would I go about changing my stride direction? Is there any drills that I could work on to improve this?

Thanks again

Just my opinion, but the first thing i would do is make your mound bigger. How long have you been throwing off of it? I like your ‘catcher’! Ingenious.
As Roger said, your stride is closer to third base. One thing you can try is to make a line straight to the plate and go thru your motion without throwing and just make it a point to step on that line. Then throw softly and make sure you step on the line, then go to full speed. If you sort of ‘work up to it’ IMHO you’ll have a better chance of success. Remember, it takes three weeks to change a ‘habit’.
Watch some other clips of pitchers and how they use their glove side to ‘curl’ towards themselves. This will be a harder habit to change. If you can change it, it will help you to keep from flying open too soon. Better command means better everything in pitching! Good motivation to try to make that change too! Do you have access to any of Tom House’s material? That may be a good way to find a way to change it.
Your set position in the stretch seems unbalanced to me. May be that the top of your mound is so small, and enlarging the mound may help that too. However, I prefer to see the hand position at the center line of the body, whether it’s at the belly button or the chin, it doesn’t matter, just center your hands. If you’re off balance at the start, it’s impossible to maintain good balance throughout the delivery. Balance means consistency, and consistency means good command (control).
Most importantly, try to change only one thing at a time. Work on that til you have it down, then take another step. First thing I would do is enalrge the mound and work on a straight stride, then go to the next few things.
All in all you have a nice smooth, easy motion that I really like, especially for a sophomore! Keep it up!



[quote=“mdorioles13”]How would I go about changing my stride direction? Is there any drills that I could work on to improve this?

Thanks again[/quote]
In the wind-up, I’d say your rocker step to the side could be contributing to your striding toward the 3B side. It creates a lot of side to side motion. You first move toward 1B and then toward 3B. And then you have to turn the corner to move toward home plate but you don’t quite turn the corner sharp enough to get going directly toward home plate.

In the stretch position, you don’t, of course, have the rocker step to the side. Yet you still stride to the 3B side. This tells me it is a habit.

If you get your front hip moving toward home plate sooner, faster, and in the right direction, this should fix the stride direction. That’s because once you’ve committed your weight in the right direction, it’s next to impossible to change that direction mid-stride. So, try to push your front hip sideways toward the target sooner and faster than you normally do. If you don’t normally start moving toward the target until the top of your knee lift, start forward a little before the knee gets to the top. Don’t sacrifice the knee lift - keep it the same height. Just force your front stride leg to get out front faster. And lead with the front hip a bit longer into your stride.

do you have any tips on how to help keep the ball low?

"do you have any tips on how to help keep the ball low"

Sure, follow the advise you’ve received from Oregon and Roger. It may seem simple but simply fixing small mechanical issues can and will clear up other issues you never figured on.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ll guess this is more of an issue when you’re pitching from the stretch. I’ll suggest two things for you to think about and possibly try.

First, start off with both knees bent the same amount. Currently, you bend your back leg and straighten your front leg. Thus you orient yourself in an upright position relative to flat ground. Why? Aren’t you going to throw downhill? Try bending both knees equally. That will make you lean downhill a bit which is where you want to go and where you want to throw.

Second, make sure your lower half isn’t too quick. Lots of pitchers try to be as quick to the plate as they can but their lower half gets out front so quick that the upper half can’t catch up. To slow the lower half down a but, use a small knee lift or take the knee back toward 2B a bit.

Alot of times i get pitches up in the windup too…they are strikes but high strikes that are alot easier to hit. Could this just be because I am rushing to the plate?

Could be. Could also be a glove instability issue. Make sure you don’t extend the glove too high out in front.