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He is striding to the right of his target .

Do you have a clip of him throwing off an actual mound?

PLAZ makes a good point. And the reason - in part,for your stride foot landing as it does, forcing you to throw across yourself, is becuase you stop your glove hand from completing its movment, ending at the STOP position, in front of your body - not off to the right of your body. Check out the picture below for a pitcher that does exactly what you do, only this view is from the front.

See how his stride foot will be landing just like yours, giving this pitcher the same problem that you have.

Coach B

After closer inspection of your video, I failed to notice the position of your pivot foot in relation to your target (the player who is catching for you)

Your pivot foot is way off angle to your target. In other words, the instep of your pivot foot should be along a line that’s 90 degree to your target, or stated a little different- the instep of your pivot foot should be pointing directly at your target - straight on.

In the video, it’s no wonder that your leaving your glove arm out there - then stoping out to your right - BUT- in truth, it may not be your glove arm discipline at all. ( as I mentioned in my earlier post.)

Some how, that black line on the gym floor is being used to guide the placement of your pivot foot - BUT, your target is so far off 90 degrees from that foot (line), thus forcing your to whip around excessively to release the ball so you can hit your target.

In fact, if your target (catcher) was sitting in the bleachers of your gym - the row of stacked seats directly in front of you) you’d probably be throwing perfectly, form wise.

This simple picture below may explain what I’m trying to get across.

Coach B.

Coach Baker makes an excellent point. Your post foot is square - or 90 degrees - to the bleachers on the right side of the video. In effect, if you were on a mound, you would be throwing to the first base dugout!