mechanics help

I threw at the field today and am wondering what you guys think of my mechanics. I feel like my leg kick slows down the momentum so if there’s any other input on that I thank you in advance. Anything else you see please let me know.

Bring your leg down before you kick it out, thats getting your weight out in front and your arm is dragging a little bit behind.

Also after seperation you shouldnt bring the ball behind your back like that, bring it straight towards second that way when you go to the plate all your energy is going straight towards the plate, you wont have to throw the shoulders open so soon.

i mean after the leg kick you seem to hit all the check points ive been taught i think if you had a more conventional strait up and down leg kick it would improve your pitching

try pitching off the right side of the rubber if you can. it helped be by giving me a better angle on the slider and give the release point behind the right handed hitter. you step across your body, that is why i suggest this. or fix your stride. just my thoughts, but do whats comfortable to you.

One thing I see that could be helpful is for you to get your head / center of gravity moving towards the plate sooner. It looks like you’re very focused on getting your hip leading towards the plate, but you’re leaving your head behind. If you look at the point where your foot has swept forward and is moving towards landing, your head is still back over the pitching rubber.

If you look at someone like Andy Pettite, who has a pretty significant shoulder tilt (like you), you’ll see his head is still moving forward throughout the delivery.