Mechanics Help

I am a 19 year old RHP, and I have a problem with getting my weight through. On my follow through, my momentum is taking my towards third base. Similar to a Brandon Webb follow through. I feel like this is taking MPH off of my fastball, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me to break this habit. I am starting to have more knee problems, and I feel like this is the cause of it. It’s like my front leg is landing stiff almost, and my weight just goes towards the third base side of home plate. Any drills, and adjustments would be fantastic.

Here is a video of my mechanics

I don’t see much problems with your mechanics. They really are quit good. Two comments though: First, your might try extending your glove
hand out towards home prior to delivery. Thid could give you the feeling of getting your weight more forward. Second, you look like you could loose some weight. This could be the cause of the knee problems you are having as well as preventing you from getting your momentim going towards home.

Ok, I’m working on the weight part right now very hard. I’ve actually lost around 15 pounds since that season (the video is highlights of my junior season, I graduated High School this spring). I will work on the extension part during my next bullpen session. I wasn’t sure what could be causing the issue. Thank you.

Austin I too recently graduated hs this past year and from what i can see is that plyometrics and full body tubing would help you gain more velocity as well as give you more flexibility to reall get out there and attack the catchers mitt with great velocity. Also extending your glove arm will help you get out there better, you do stay back reall well and have a nice stride. So some lower body sprint work and lifts would help you gain more velocity besdies that mechanics are good.