Mechanics help for my 9 year old son

Hi to all,

Here is a video of my 9-y.o. son (will be 10 next month).

Brief background: This was his first year pitching in Little League. We are located in Ontario, Canada and thus we aren’t home to the wealth of coaching + facilities that exists in the US. I’ve tried to teach him what I’ve read in books and seen from online videos and sites like this. He is short + light, but quite athletic which has helped compensate for his lack of weight behind his pitches.

I would really appreciate hearing some feedback on his pitching mechanics. I’d like to know what he should continue doing/reinforce and what he should adjust/fix. I believe strongly in establishing the proper mechanics and muscle memory while he is young. My hope is to avoid arm troubles through bad mechanics + prove that you don’t have to be a monster to be an effective pitcher. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who reply.

He looks pretty good for a 9yo. About the only things I would pay attention to are (1) posture - make sure he keeps his head and spine upright and (2) glove side stability - he seems inconsistent with his glove so get him to stabilize out in front of his torso more consistently.

Your son looks great! One thing could help. Have him keep throwing his pitching hand toward the catcher. The saying is " Put your hand in the catchers glove" . He needs to get horizontal with the ground. This uses his body for throwing the ball, NOT his arm–ONLY! Keep tipping forward with that arm so the throwing hand ends up down to his knee. Complete the pitch!

Roger, thanks for the feedback. Q- when you say glove side stability. Do you mean when he’s finishing off his pitch at the point when he needs to tuck his glove on his left hip?

Pitcherdadfan, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you putting your advice into words that my son will be able to visualize.


I don’t particularly like the cue of “Put your hand in the catchers glove” as a young kid can often misinterpret this as meaning to extend farther toward the target, becoming too linear and putting undue stresses on the elbow and shoulder when everything stops abruptly.

I do agree that he needs to “finish his pitch” though. He looks quite good, with the exception of what Roger noted about his posture and the fact that he truncates his motion. He stops everything pretty much as the ball has left his hand. It seems intentional. I suggest you ask him to think of rotating his hips and especially his shoulders as much as he can, with no limits. Keep that back shoulder rotating long after the ball is gone and show the back of it to the catcher when he’s done.

Before then. The arms should be in an equal and opposite position at foot plant with the glove somewhere above the front foot. From that point on the glove should remain there but turn over as the shoulders rotate. The chest should move to the glove. Dropping the glove or flying open with the glove can lead to posture issues and early shoulder rotation.

I would echo what some have said but suggest that the reason for the “lack of follow through” is because he is landing flat footed or on his heel and that is a momentum killer.