Mechanics from here on. sidearm/submarine

Its been a long time since I posted anything but I could usevtuse the wisdom of the guys here. As a college prospect and senoir in high schoo, its a critical and difficult time for me after I tore ny UCL when I was 14. It was never reconstructed vut I rehabilitated for months and strengthened the rest of my arm to almost 100% as of last year but I could tellit wasnt the same . As an LHP, I topped 84, great movement solid control, good secondary breaking pitches and could command each half of the plate. Last year I could feel my arm getting broken down again. Other muscles were compensating for my open and loose elbow but I still managed to toss a no hitter in the Triple Crown Sports tournament, but it was a miracle. I lost control alot and velocity as well. Recently, ive been tossing pens side arm and submarine with no pain and feel like myself again. What I lose in velocity, I make up in movement. I was recruited heavily before I went side arm and lost it by d1 and d2 programs in New England, but after I got hurt again, they dropped me. I went from 3 quarter slot to lower now and only d3 schools are looking. WCSU is my number one now and with only 1 LHP, its looking pretty good. Great squad and team and staff and the LEC is competitive but I need guidance and some advice with this change. Thanks guys

As the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’ll take time, but if you are ready and willing to change your arm slot, drop down to a full sidearm delivery, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to pitch at near-full capacity with little or no trouble with your arm and shoulder. The sidearm delivery is the easiest and most natural of all the pitching deliveries and posts no problems with the shoulder and arm—I should know, because I was a natural, honest-to-gosh sidewinder in my playing days, and Although I didn’t have much of a fastball I had a pretty extensive arsenal of breaking and offspeed pitches—my two best were a hard slider and a very good knuckle-curve.
I would suggest two things: first, get in touch with a good pitching coach, perhaps a professional pitcher who throws sidearm, and have him work with you and help you get the hang of things. Second, check out a website called “Sidearm”—I’m on it a lot and there are plenty of folks who throw sidearm and submarine; you’ll get a lot of good tips, especially if you read the interviews with a number of pitchers. Oh yeah—if you can do so, learn about the crossfire and how to use it. This is a beautiful and lethal move that works only with the sidearm delivery, and if you can master it you’re going to be lights out on the mound.Any more questions, feel free to ask—I’m no farther away than this stupid computer. :baseballpitcher: