Mechanics (Flex trunk Forward Especially)

If you’re asking why you don’t flex forward much, consider this… Take a look at how high your head starts above the top of the fence in the background. Then notice how low it drops as you come out of knee lift and go into your stride. Finally, notice how your head has popped back up a bit at ball release. This is a lot of up and down motion which means there is a lot of force being exerted in the vertical direction and that’s energy that should instead be directed toward your target.

I think this is having the effect of shortening your stride and keeping you from getting all the way over your front foot. At release I like to see front toe, knee and nose aligned vertically. It’s hard to tell from the camera angle but I think you’re behind the front foot.

Your stride looks a little bit short to me and the above could be contributing to that. But I’m also wondering if the portable mound is causing you to shorten your stride so you don’t plant on the edge of it.

My suggestion is to introduce a bend at the knees and waist to get yourself closer to the position you drop to coming out of knee lift. That should eliminate the need to drop into that position during your delivery.

It also looks like you start on the right side of the rubber but plant on the left side but can’t tell for sure from the camera angle.

i don’t see anything to be concerned about. how long have you been pitching and how often do you throw when you begin practicing.

I spend at least 25-35 minutes throwing and probably 15 minutes stretching before that. I have been pitching for over 7 years. I feel that getting my trunk forward would bring more energy towards the plate directly.

What I see may be the answer to your desire to flex the trunk is to land on a flexed (but firm) front leg. Don’t allow the front leg to drift as you land. As I did stop action the best I could, you seemed to land on more of a straight leg. It’s important to get this part of throwing mechanics correct because it has been shown in studies that improved trunk flexion at time of ball release will improve ball velocity.

It appears that you’re pitching off a portable mount. Just out of curiosity, does that thing move at all when your rocking back, then going through your delivery motion? How sturdy is that surface that you’re pitching off of?

Coach B.

No its pretty sturdy its just not very long maybe 5.5’