Mechanic's Cues

I read all the time about correct/incorrect cues to say while instructing young pitchers. Just wondered if someone has or would be willing to compile a list of known correct cues. Thanks!

The only thing I tell my pitchers during a game is…

  1. Ignore the batter.
  2. Focus on the glove.
  3. Let it rip.

It’s too late to work on mechanics during a game. All you can do is focus on preventing aiming.

Cues are not inherently correct or incorrect. Cues are a means of obtaining an end. For example, one might tell a hitter to throw their hands at the ball. This is the last thing you’d want them to actually do but for some hitters it is an effective cue.

Too many times instructors use cues for their students without explaining that they are only cues or without knowing it themselves.

This has worked for me as a teaching tool for pitchers. Call it what you will, cues characteristics etc. The only words that are worthy are the ones that are understood in helping the student become his own teacher.


   Balance throughout.
   Rhythmic movements
   Aiming position
   Stable landing
   Strong release

   The above are physical, the TACKS are mental.

Get a copy of Tom House’s book,][u]The Art and Science of Pitching[/u
. House lists a bunch of cues (or myths, as he calls them) for each phase of the delivery that have absolutely no basis in science. I know I’ve heard a bunch of them before. Heck, I’ve even used some of them - back before I knew any better.