Mechanics critique please

Here’s a vid of my mechanics…critique welcome. :smiley:

Uhh it seems like you really hang over and bend your back which might not be good, but not sure if this is really bad or not I know Jeff Weaver does it but I’m not sure it looks like you do it quite a bit. Your hips seem to move pretty good towards your target but could also go faster and the hip and shoulder separation looks a little off. Your hips should rotate before your shoulder then your shoulder come through.

Alright a couple things I see…

You head level changes from high to low to high again. Try to make it consistantly going down hill. (HOW?) By not leaning forward at the waist. That is where you are losing your height and you eye level.

Second thing that I see, is that your glove hand (left) is dropping and pulling your shoulders. Look at any of the videos on this website, and you will NOT see a single MLB pitcher pull his glove away from his chest…Many pitcher actaully keep their glove in front of their chest the entire time.

When you pull your glove away from the center of your body, you miss left/right.

When you pull your head off center (like leaning forward like you do), you miss up/down.

Good luck!