Mechanics changes

Heres my new mechanics I am working on. I am working on really firing the hips to hopeful get more from my body. I’m not throwing close to full effort so sorry I’m still trying to get the hips down. Feedback is gladly welcome and appreciated.

BTW its the same clip, i just put it 4x so you can have more than one look at it

You can’t even see your throwing arm in this clips. Your posture seems ok as you move out.

Once you think you have some of the things down you are working on, try to get a good clip (side & front view) of you throwing off of a mound at 100% effort.

Acknowledging the poor video, I like what I see here but, like 101mph said, you can’t see the arm action well. A mound would make a difference, potentially, in letting you generate more momentum toward the plate, which I suggest you’re missing in this clip.

I will get a 3rd base side one soon. The mound won’t be until probably April as I live in Minnesota and we normally have snow on the ground until then