Mechanics and I'm confused

I have been wroking on my mechs all fall and into the spring. I keep changing them. This is how it went: first it started with my own mechs, but they weren’t working at all, then I copied/based some of my mechs off of MLB players. First came Roy Oswalt for a few games, then I switched to Tim Hudson’s, now, David Price. I am pretty confused. I don’t copy their whole mechs, but most of them. I need a good set of mechs. Any ideas/suggestions?

Try this:

Don’t worry about mechanics at all and throw EVERY DAY 75+ throws a day. Focus on throwing and eventually work on increasing h/s separation, staying closed, finishing out in front, good transfer of energy from back to front. It’s like going to class vs. not going to class. If you don’t go, you’ll miss a lot of information you might need for the test but if you do go, even if you don’t pay attention, there’s a good chance you’ll be more prepared for the test than if you didn’t go.

You have to find your mechanics. The only place you can find them is from yourself and no one else.

Also, I think it’s a good thing to throw (a lot) more than do drills. You do drills to emphasize an aspect of the pitching motion but you have to throw to incorporate that aspect into your motion.


Big Strong Answer!!
Spencer…I think I’m gonna cry.

Andrew…Sometimes folks come up with ideas on how things can be done better (They think)…they influence guys…what you have is what you have, make it the best you.

Spencer said it best - something that I regret coming up being a pitcher is always switching EVERYTHING for a coach. The trick to pitching in my opinion is listening to everyones ideas taking bits and pieces that sound logical and giving them a shot and seeing what works for you.

I am still having trouble finding my mechanics. I have been throwing a lot and I am getting some good hip/shoulder separation, but when I come to my leg lift I am not gaining a lot of momentum and losing velcity and I’m getting hit alot more and my timing is pretty far off. Any more help?

Dont think just throw

What do you mean?

THROW. I played around with my mechs until i found something that worked for me.

I’ll try to give you a good answer based on how far I’ve come. Work on the basics, what I mean by basics are the things agreed upon by almost everyone. For me it was working on pulling myself towards my glove and not letting the glove go by my side. This is something that’s pretty solid and almost everyone teaches it I’m not sure of who doesn’t.

My next thing was gaining momentum. If you look at even my lastest video I have a pretty high leg kick with little momentum. I figured that if I shortened my leg kick and let it hang for a little big longer, naturally I would gain the momentum I need. Now I worked on it at home and I would start with a shorter leg kick not very high but I would gain a good ammount of momentum. Now gradually I would raise the leg kick and I noticed that my momentum would stay there for quite a few throws. Then I’d notice that it would slowly creep back to the old way, so I’d stop and shorten it up to gain momentum again then go back.

These are thigns that I learned and made myself by watching videos and taking advice from others. You should get a video so we can tell you some of these very basic agreed upon things that you can use. Then you might alter your mechanics for yourself like almost all pitchers do but it’s a good start to do basic things like I’ve done. Work on bringing my chest towards the glove and getting momentum.

Do you have anywhere you can practice? Mirrors work good and I have a little hill I use to practice when just throwing becuase my pitchers mound is at my one of my dads buildings. Even if you find some way to make a mound to at least practice mechanics on that will help.


Can you post up some video?