Mechanics Analysis

Looking for mechanics help, thanks!

For us to give comments on mechanics I would like to see some video much more zoomed in on you vs the field.

You need to fill the frame, there should be very little background. There will have to be some to allow for your motion.

Better if we’re not looking thru chain link too :smiley:

I would recommend 4 angles -1b,2b,3b and HP


I can tell he’s worked hard at pitching.

I see where he can improve in many areas of his mechanics but I will share one main point.

when pitching you want to make sure all of your momentum is going straight toward home plate. Anytime your momentum goes anywhere else you are putting strain on your throwing arm and have a hard time hitting spots.

Knowing that : right before his release of the ball he’s dropping his head (it looks about a foot hard to tell with this video) and needs to keep that level until release of the ball. After release it doesn’t matter.

If he has more of a complete hip rotation (bringing pivot foot all the way around helps promote hip rotation) he will be more likely to continue keeping his momentum going toward home. tip: don’t drop down (bow down)

It is much easier to explain on video. I have a bunch on you tube. lol