Mechanics Analysis

Please critique and point out any faults in my mechanics.


You seem to have a very soft glove-side, as many young pitchers do. In fact, many young guys and their dads/coaches are not aware that the glove-side arm plays an important role in throwing/pitching.

There is a lot of discussion of proper glove-side action in the threads at LTP…you can search it out.

But, to shorten the trail a little consider this advice: As you approach your release point, your glove should swivel into place somewhere out in front of your torso, stabilize very briefly (we’re talking milliseconds), and you should bring your torso (chest) forward to meet the glove at ball release.

Anything else?

I think you look real good except for the glove-side. But make no mistake, if you decide that you agree and you want to fix that…it takes a lot of quality reps to replace old habits with new ones.

Any other opinions?

I think laflippin is right on with his advice. Work on stabilizing the glove side and other good things will happen- such as better better hip and shoulder separation and a more consistent release point.

As la says it takes lots of quality reps to make the change permanently- and then nothing is really permanent. The good habits need to be more powerful than the bad. Work on one thing ata time and then post a new video.