Mechanics Analysis (Side)

Got a closer side view. Any help is appreciated!

You look very solid, on first glance I only see you could work on some glove side mechanics a little, I feel you should pull the ball through with the glove hand just as much as push it with the throwing hand. I think this improves velocity as well as control. Excellent stride.

Are you experiencing anything in particular that you feel you need?


Are you experiencing anything in particular that you feel you need?[/quote]

My front leg stays very bent and when I go to throw it looks like I sink down and end up almost pushing the ball. Any way to brace the front leg and make sure the upper body whips through to throw the ball on a downhill plane instead of sinking?

I was going to say that it looks like you are not firming up your front leg at all on landing which could be robbing you of some velocity. A lot of your momentum you built up with the nice hip lead is going right into your front leg instead of up the chain.

You are landing on your heel.You might want to try landing more on the ball of your foot. This could help you firm up the front leg and get your weight more forward as well.

How can I keep from sinking and be able to use that front leg to whip the upper body?

If you look at the slow motion video of you, you will see how you drag your
pivot foot a lot. This acts to slow the momentum you have created in your windup resulting in the “dip” you are experiencing. Try coming off the rubber without dragging your back foot by rotating you hips more. The rotation of especially the right hip will bring the pivot leg around to end up to the side and slightly in front you. Add in landing more on the ball of the of the foot
should help facilitate this action.