Mechanics Analysis Please

Please watch my video and offer any advice. I am open to criticism.

I feel if my stride is too short and that i need to bend at the wist through my follow through. Also i think i could get more hip shoulder seperation to increase some velocity perhaps?

Nice arm slot. Are you at 100% in the vid? Looks like you are about 80% which effects things like stride length and timing. Over-all though you look sound. Are you having issues right now…or just want a velo jump?
One thing that may help the separation thing is instead of kicking your foot out at knee lift, pick it straight up and smoothly bring it down and out to foot plant. Looks like you are conditioned well. What do you pop at right now (Have you been gunned lately and if so whats the goal)? Your hand break seems to wait forever…it will ultimately /effect/hinder your timing.
Just a few impressions…The “A” team will likely jump in with more.

This video is recent, i just got back on the mound from about a 2 months rest. Trying to get mechanics tinkered with. Freshman in college, goal to be 82-85 by this summer

There are some very nice things happening here. At full video speed, it kind of looks like there’s very little whip happening in the throwing arm and looking like you kind of push the ball. I was lucky enough to hit the pause button at just the right time and it does look fine.

jd might have the right idea here in that a less than game effort could be the issue. More sideways momentum generation, over a longer period of time, may solve the stride and trunk flexion issues.

All in all, nice work.

ps. Why the little glove waiving bit before you start?

It was part of a short bullpen- As for waiving the glove, letting catcher know when fastball, curveball, change up is coming. First two pitches are a fastball, third is a curve, 4rth is a changeup

Ok i see a big problem in your mechanics. You open the shoulders before you plant. It’s very hard to see but i slowed it down through pause at the right time and then it showed. That could be a reason for slow MPH and bad trunk flexion.

Work on staying closed meaning keep the shoulders to the right a little longer ok you should gain a little MPH if done right.

What kind of things are you hearing from your pitching coach?

How often are you throwing? Where were you in the process when the video was shot (How warmed up)? Was I right about your conditioning? Or are your legs weak?
I’m thinkin if these are your actuals you can get there and beyond. I think if you just do what ever scheduled stuff you guys do i.e. long toss, flat work, bull pen days and keep conditioning and you send us a video in say, by the end of this month, you’ll be much happier, smoother and much closer to what you want.


Just an opinion, but you might try to get your hips moving forward as soon as your foot comes off the ground. The goal being 1 second from ‘foot off the ground to foot plant.’ Looks like you’re around 1.2 to 1.3 sec. If you get hips going forward sooner, faster, your stride will lengthen.
Can’t see for sure but it looks like your glove drops down to the side a bit. If you keep it up higher, (House suggests in front of your face or chest) it will help control.
IMO you don’t need to worry about ‘bending at the waist.’ Your follow thru is fine. Arm across body, squared up to the plate.

Lots of good stuff as others have identified tho. Keep it up!!



This video was full go, i gave what i got. Provided i had only been doing long toss for about a week n a half. I know that i look so slow delivering the ball, i need more whip from my body to the arm to get that arm speed going. Anyone got any more tips, advice?

You need to keep the shoulders closed till landing or you will not get any kind of good arm action. Keep the left shoulder to the right longer into your stride.

I will try that. I just noticed it when you said that before. That will deffinately be one of my top priorities to fix. Thanks for the suggestion. I didnt see that and i dont know why. It does open a little too much early. Thanks again

Start behind the rubber and keep the hips moving toward the plate like Ryan does here if you want to increase momentum.

“This video was full go, i gave what i got”
“Provided i had only been doing long toss for about a week n a half.”

So my point that at the end of the month we’d see a much smoother happier you was valid…
xv is right on about the mo though (Poet and didn’t know it :roll: :oops: ), I think everyone just about, mentioned it in some way…

Anyone else have any suggestions?

One thing at a time.
“Mo” first, get it down, then move to another issue.



i don’t see any major problems with your motion. throw three times per week at 70% so you can throw the all where you want and change speeds. this develps touch in your throwing fingers. you’ll get people out.

over prepare for battle safely.