Mechanics 3 months later (how can i keep backleg on ground longer and not fly open early)


Hey guys havent been as active on this site as I wanted to be. Ive been slammed with schoolwork, working out, and working at a pizzeria. Just thought I’d like to post a video of me pitching recently. Ive been hitting the gym hard and gained about 7 lbs since my last video. Velocity wise, in July I was sitting 66mph topping out 68mph. Two days ago I was sitting 73mph topping out at 74.5mph. My mechanics still have MAJOR flaws and Im still working out 4 times a week untill baseball starts in spring. Im also doing a pitching program in the winter that has very high feedback and is ran through the place i work out and do my pitching correctives. My goal is to be at the 80mph mark comfortably by the spring. I dont know if this is just me but does my velocity increase seem to be more from my gains in the weight room because my mechanics look very similar?





Try to collapse on the instep of your pivot foot while bending the pivot leg slightly as you progress - stretching out your stride leg down the mound.

Also, as you turn prior to your leg lift, try not to shuffle your pivot foot. Your shifting your entire body to reposition itself, thus having to regain your balance and body weight.

Take notice of how your pivot foot is placed in front of the rubber. Your heel is pointing forward , thus positioning your entire body at extremes to uncoil and regain its balance prior to shifting your weight forward.

There are others who will pickup on mechanics and stuff. But this is what pops out at me at first glance.


Your arm is late to the throwing position into foot strike instead of after. Your elbow is dangerously low. It needs to be at least to shoulder height. There is no layback to the forearm, so no whip to the arm. Also no stretch through the torso as your hip and throwing hand come through together like you’re slinging pies. Lots of missed opportunity to store energy


Your entire throwing motion is one piece. Your hips and shoulders turn as one. This contributes to your arm not laying back so you essentially are pushing the ball.
Teach yourself what it feels like to have your hips open and your shoulders entirely closed, then rotate and throw.
starting in a post stride position. Don’t worry about where the ball goes or how hard you can throw it in these drills.

These are all concepts to basic throwing so have someone video you taking ground balls and throwing to first or from the outfield and see if you have issues with separation of hips and shoulders there also. Ie at a point in time when you aren’t thinking about mechanics.


This is about a year old but I’m going to throw in an opinion anyway. I believe your biggest issue at this point is the early and overrotation of your gloveside shoulder. Watch your shoulder and stride foot move together as it rotates much too early before landing. The result is your throwing arm is left lagging behind which also makes it difficult to bring your backside through. Also notice the position of your head at delivery (you’re looking away towards the ground). I would focus on keeping the glove side elbow towards the target until landing (equal & opposite). I believe this will help with the issues I mentioned.