Mechanics 2014 so far

tips any one :)?

I know im pretty slow to the plate. Need more xplosiveness am i right?

Also have back view, and other sideview(backside)

edit: I noticed that from stretch i have more momentum.
Looking at my pivot foot, from wind up its flat when front foot plant.
from stretch im more on my toes pushing off right before footplant.

I don’t think you appear slow to the plate. You are a bit deliberate prior to your leg lift, but beyond that, I don’t categorize you as slow to the plate.

Things I’d try to work with you on would be:
-getting that lead hip forward more at the top of the lift and driving off the back leg more

The forward velocity generated during the lift should be maximized

-landing with your toes forward or slightly closed and not pointed toward the LH batter’s box.

Landing toes open leads to early opening of the hips and collapsing of the front knee and destabilization of the landing leg.

-getting up and over your lower half instead of your upper half drifting forward.

Drifting past your lower half dampens energy from the legs and prevents upper body rotational energy from being fully utilized through proper trunk flexion. Your trunk can’t flex forward if it’s not atop your lower half.

If you have any questions, send me a PM. Good luck.