Mechanical Questions

First off i appreciate any answers. I throw 3/4 arm angle and i was wondering what the best way to warm up my arm is. I play short and center as well. should i be warming up over the top for all of these position or at 3/4 all the way . i think i need to throw over the top for anything besides pitching( stronger throws) so is it safe to practice both. should i pronate at the end of a curveball arm motion into my thigh? last one. when seperating is it ok to have my arm slightly down when pulling my arm back? is as good as pulling back horizontally?

Another quick question is if its okay to lean sideways abit athe release point for a 3/4 pitcher.

Post some clips…

Good idea. ill bump in a about a month when i start up again, as im currently resting i sore knee