Mechanical question?

Hey guys, haven’t been around in a long time (Bigtime computer problems) But I used to post alot, so whats up? Anyway, today I threw at a clinic today (Demonstrating for younger kids) and was throwing under control at around 74-77 with command, and peaked at 80, which was a balls to the walls no control pitch. The thing is it was off flat ground, so off a mound I would expect to sit at around 78-80, which is good for me. Next spring, I want to be around low 80’s and I have a mechanical question. I noticed that I kind of colapse on my back leg, in that its already bent at my hand break, which seems a little early in comparison to some other pitchers. If I hold that back more, do you think it would result in a little more velocity? I’m 15 btw.

my best advise for what you want is to simple throw, when i was your age i built a mound in my backyard and threw everyday
if your at 78 to 80 right now looking to add a few mph, i see this a very obtainable goal.

i dont know if you run, but you should, thats where you power comes from, not your arm,
and be careful with the balls to the wall pitching, thats where you get hurt, youve got to stay loose, when you tense up the pitch is usually more flat and with less velosity and movement,

if you want to throw harder, simply just throw more often,
what help me alot was throwing long toss, not 200ft or more but 90ft but throwing it on a line no arch. good luck

Can’t say without seeing you. The back leg will bend a certain amount as part of the process of initiating the stride. You might even start in a stance where your knees are slightly bent as an attempt to minimize/eliminate up/down head movement. That’s all fine. Too big of a collapse, on the other hand, can cause excessive up/down movement as well as inappropriate posture changes. If you suffer from one of these problems, then fixing them could result in a small improvement in velocity. But I think it would probably have a more significant improvement in control/consistency.