Mechanical help


I started pitching this past fall for my freshman year for a juco in nc. Would love feedback from this knowledgeable community. Thanks.


Its tough to tell from that camera angle. It would be good if you can get some video from closer up and maybe a side view. Nothing really jumps out at me going wrong. One thing I see is it takes you a while to really brace front leg after front foot strike (it looks like your knee is still moving forward at pitch release) and you kind of rotate around front leg rather then over it.
What i used to do to get a good camera angle was while I was throwing a pen just hang my bag on fence next to bullpen and prop up my cellphone and that would give me a good side view of pitching.


Ok thanks and here is a better look from a recent pen


You seem to be releasing your hips early.


You need to get your body more connected. Your lower half does not drive your arm very well. The arm needs to get a little tighter to create more external rotation of the shoulder. It will transfer energy better through the arm. Also, your front side doesn’t stabilize you very well. It’s called blocking. when the front leg lands it should be transitioning the energy from a forward move to more of a rotational move and after foot strike your knee continues to travel forward instead of stabilizing the move and planting firmly. The front foot/leg is important for velocity and patterning for ground force.


What are some ways to get more lower half drive and how to tighten my arm up for more external rotation? Thanks.


Regarding external rotation/arm action, doing pivot pickoffs with plyoballs helps.