Mechanical Help--Please Critique

Not bad.

you look good for the most part, what concerns me is that you aren’t generating a lot from your hips because your follow through leg just seems to fall into line squared up. That is a good indicator that you could harness more from the hips. Your front leg looks fairly straight, but you aren’t dropping your body down and into it, forcing it to be used to drive the hips as well. If you are wondering what I mean, then go do some very long toss about as far as you can throw and hard, like you are throwing a runner out at home from the outfield. This should indicate what kind of drive to the front leg you should have. I think some long toss and paying attention to what your front leg is doing. Other than that you look pretty solid.

one thing I noticed is your upper body posture, it’s not stable. You need to keep your upper body in good posture. Seems like you are dipping and bending it forward when you are just lowering your stride foot. Try to stay tall with your upper body posture. Your legs you can bend to get your stride foot inches off the ground while you stride but keep your upper body tall.

your lower body mechanics look good. I do agree that you could get more out of them which will help with efficiency and power.

good luck

A little hard to see but it looks like your break is putting the ball in your ear almost like a catcher vs at 90 degrees, you might want to slow it down and look at it on your camera. Good solid look.

I can’t really comment on your arm action or anything but, you really do a good job of leading with your hip. I would say your mechanics are pretty good but I’m no expert.

Is my arm action bad when you said it looks like a catcher throwing to second. I have never noticed my arm action before this video and it doesn’t look quite right though I can’t tell why. Any advice would be appreciated.

Generally, if you watch the pitchers in the pitch Video Library,
you will see that at the break the arm ends up at a 90 degree angle (if you are looking from the side) and travels 1 o’clock to around 7 o’clock if you are looking from behind. Catchers tend to release the ball quicker and dont’ take the ball all the way back to reduce the time to release. Work on going from your post to the break and find what it comfortable for you to get the right position. Good Luck.