Mechanical flaw: front elbow and glove


My son has grown a lot again, it sure if this is part of the equation, but his balance is off right now.
He has developed a flaw at hand separation where his front elbow goes up dramatically, throwing off his shoulder tilt badly. It results in a lot of wild pitches that bounce at 58’.
Any thoughts on how high the front elbow should go, directional cues to use in drills, etc.?


There is no right or wrong regarding front elbow height. Some pitchers’ front elbow is lower than their back elbow like with Billy Wagner. Other pitcher’s front elbow is higher than their back elbow like with Andy Pettitte.

What’s really important is that the front arm achieves a position that is “equal & opposite” relative to the back arm at front foot strike. “Equal & opposite” means nothing more than equal angles in the elbows (direction of bends can differ) and upper arms parallel. Always adjust the glove arm - not the throwing arm - to achieve "equal & opposite.