Mechanical Check

This is a little old but mechanics haven’t changed a whole lot. Just want some opinions.

I think your mechanics look generally sound…are you having any specific problems?

One thing you may wish to experiment with is finding a slightly lower posture in the early part of your delivery. That is, your post foot sometimes pops up off the ground early in the delivery and it looks like you sometimes have little or no drag-line. On the other hand, sometimes it looks like your post-foot doesn’t pop up early and then you do have a drag-line from those deliveries.

I guess it’s not a ‘rule’ that every pitcher must have a drag-line–there are certainly some good ones who don’t; however, I’ll venture to say that most good pitchers do have a highly repeatable drag-line that equals up to about two of their shoe-lengths.

So, I’ll just suggest that if you are having any concerns about dynamic balance and/or postural repeatability in your delivery…you could play around with the idea of lowering your posture to the point that you have a repeatable drag-line every time you pitch. The way to do that is to put a little more bend in your knees at the start of your delivery and maintain the lower posture you’ve created into foot-strike.

All in all, looks pretty good. I’d like to add to what laflippin said by saying that your hip rotation seems to be truncated and held back by your right leg. I think it’s stopping you from getting over your front leg enough. It seems to be like an anchor, not an enabler. This seems even more of a problem in pitches from the stretch.

What I see is that the back foot and knee never really turn fully over and under. So, my suggestion is to do everything you’re doing now but rotate the *&%^ out of the back foot and knee during that extension of the leg. Free that leg up. I’m exaggerating with this but you could use a mental image of turning the back knee under so far that it points more toward the first base line. Not really, but this might help you make it do more than it’s doing right now.

I’ll comment on a slightly different issue. In the stretch, you start with your feet very wide apart. This causes you to have to shift your weight back toward 2B just to lift your knee. No doubt that’s when runners on 1B take off on you. Your weight shift also buys some time for your upper half because without it your lower half would be so quick that your upper half wouldn’t have enough time to do its thing. As it is, however, you’re all arm from the stretch with that slide step.

I would challenge you to experiment with starting with your feet about armpit width apart and add a knee lift. You’ll need to get your hips moving foward early (while knee is lifting) but this will let you get something out of your body. As long as you’re about .90-.95 seconds from first movement to foot plant you should be quick enough to the plate to give your catcher a chance at throwing out most runners.

Otherwise, I like your mechanics.

Thanks guy appreciate the help with the mechanics…actually the stretch has been a subject that i continue to work on never feel as comfortable i’ve always felt like a full knee lift would take to long but roger has a good point that a good runner will take off on the weight shift…the drag line issue has been changed my high school coached believe in something he called getting in the saddle and didnt believe in dragging the back foot except for on the change up it was awkward this is the same coach that threw me 80 innings a year my junior and senior year. If you go further in the video to about the 6:15 mark that would be pretty much what he considered perfect mechanics with the leg pause at the end.

Oh and by the way I ended up with an internal impingement my internal rotation was 12 where normally it is 60…I attended a d2 college in the fall but couldn’t recover the results I had expected and really just thought i had a knot under my shoulder blade pitching coach ended up gettin fired and i returned home with all intentions of just going to school…went out on a limb and went to duke sports med where they found my problem with the lack of internal rotation I did about 6 months of rehab and now I attend Brunswick CC a Region X DII Juco in NC.