Mechanic help please

i think i need stronger legs so i can have a more powerful drive… especially hams/glutes



angle 1B/plate


what do you guys see?

I don’t see any obvious problems from these two short clips. You look real good, drewski.

From the side-view it looks like you sometimes drop down kind of abruptly as you near your release point…but if that’s not hurting your control I wouldn’t worry about it. Still, I was curious… is that possibly why you are concerned about your hams/gluts strength?

i think if my drive was more powerful through my legs i would have better extension throughout the delievery? kazmir has noticable little leg jerk after he drives to the plate but hes probably much stronger in that area than i am

I think you look really good, too… however, here’s a few nit-picky points that I believe would help;

Regarding a powerful drive - you need to get your back leg to full extension. You just need to keep working on keeping your back leg/knee facing sideways as long as possible. Drive off the back foot by keeping it rooted to the ground as long as possible. See how you rotate when you lift your leg and your back foot turns? Fix that. Wedge it up against the rubber and the mound surface and root your entire foot (heel to toes). Don’t over rotate your body and swing the leg around. Get your lead foot back in line with your body so you can go straight linearly to the target. This will also allow you to land a bit more to the right, which will open up the hips a bit more. It will also prevent you from twisting your landing foot to the right after landing.

Also, when you get your back leg to complete extension, you will create a longer stride which will cause you to put your front foot down further in front of your front knee - notice how right now your front knee is situated right above your ankle; a more stable position would be with the knee further behind your ankle.

Otherwise, timing looks good, arm action looks good, weight shift is good.

this is what puzzling me… my back leg does get into extension but i dont know why it collaspes instead of keeping a strong foundation to the plate till its dragged by the hips…

i assume my legs are not strong enough to hold such an extension?

Probably not a strength thing… just keep your weight on your back leg a little longer in the beginning of your delivery. Instead of leading with your hip upon initiation of your delivery, lead with your hip once your leg reaches maximum lift. In other words, as soon as you start to bring your leg down from the lift, get the hips moving out instead of moving the hips out when you bring the leg up. You should have more back leg drive at this point.

oh ya i get what ur saying, ill try it tomorrow… but idk why ive had the foot problem all these damn years

Drewski, I see you have the same mechanical issue as Gettingthere has. Instead, your lower body is going a lot faster than your upper body is.

Look at this xmo of Felix Hernandez

As you can see his upper body is synchronized with his lower body.

Try slowing down your slidestep- get your arm in a good position (elbow around elbow height).

slow down my slide step = my stride leg speed to landing?

also from looking i feel as if im placing my front foot down instead of letting it fall in place by driving towards the plate… the foot sliding on the rubber needs to go though no doubt