Measure Up

A common question on this site is … “What does it take to make it on a college team?”

Well, here’s the answer:

  1. Go to the NCAA top ranked 25 baseball teams.
  2. Start with the first school, and go on to that institution’s sport’s web page.
  3. Select the roster of their baseball club.
  4. Go down the roster and notice the following of every player:
    first: the general location of where that player came from -school/city/state.
    second the bio of that player - stats/awards/championship teams/ etc.

Take special note of the returning players, and how they progressed. Make a special note of how many upper classmen are still on the roster. Rosters with a thinning membership, as players move up from freshmen to seniors, should indicate the kind of opportunities are, and are not, available. Also, take note of the majors of every player. Heavy academic loads for majors in engineering, chemistry, and the biotech fields require heavy into the books and less on the playing field, sometimes.

So, see what these institutions are looking for, where and why. Place yourself in the ranks of these players and see how you measure up. For those of you in the offseason, this is a great time to take stock of things…

Another “sure-fire” way to make any sports team (baseball or otherwise) is to have a wealthy relative (most likely a sports-loving dad) to build a stadium or lavish training facility. A little holiday humor from a former pro player turned academic (i.e., where these stadiums are generally built).