me pitching

it’s always good to see other guys pitching and it’s always good to get feedbacks from other pitchers too on pretty much everything. so i have 2 videos of me pitching.

video 1 back view fastball, change-up curveball if that really matters.

video 2 frontside view i threw a little faster on this one still i wasn’t totally at game speed since it was early in the morning and i didn’t want to blow up something, i didn’t really warmed up.

No offense, but i dont like ur arm action at all.
especially your glove arm, justsweeping around where ever it may go.

look @ the vids here from the Ml’s look at their glove arm:)

i knew somebody would have say that. i was told to change it the first time i pitched this year my coached came to the mound to tell me if i knew what i was doing with that glove actually. after the game one of the guys i knew in the other team but never pitched to told me he hated hitting against me because that glove would distract him and he wouldt take his eyes off my other arm. i kept it somebody else told me the same thing. i dont know i just repeat it. the whole point of that is getting the glove on my chest with my palm facing down because that helps me being quicker with the glove on comebackers otherwise with the palm facing up like when you tuck it i just slap the ball since i cant get the glove open soon enough.

well, work on that then, cuz what u doing now, might make u less accurate, maybe loose velocity , i dunno, but i think you should really fix it.

I dunno what roger and dm wanna say abt it. i could be wrong mate , but still:)

90 eh?


you mean i said i threw 90? you are probably mixing me with an other guy. i’m one of the slowest pitcher in my league. i can reach 80 mph and went to 83 once but that was just ripping the ball. at game speed i’m like barely 75 mph. i’m not at game speed right there though the ball might actually go around 60 in this video. i was throwing the ball at my luxurious cottage. on the left you can see i’m building a new one. :lol:

Tough to tell from those camera angles but it looks like you “reach” with your front leg/foot instead of leading with your front hip. That leads to “staying back” and not building up momentum. You may be leaning back toward 2B a it too much as well.

You also might be striding to the closed side a bit.

yes you’re right roger i throw a bit across my body but i used to do it way more. i grew up watching jimmy key and that’s the guy i always wanted to be when i was on a mound. i think we can all agree key didn’t have such a good delivery. he had numerous arm injuries and back problems but i realized that about 4 years ago. i changed how i throw a bit but you can still see some parts like the closed side thing that still need some work.

you should try working on a forkball i throw it as fast as your fastball haha. i dont know if it’s actually possible to get people out with a fastball that slow. i think when you dont have great movement like on a forkball or something you cant really get people out i dont think you have enough speed, work on that