Me Pitching

Heres a video of me pitching. I have a few ideas of what i’m doing wrong but i’d like some other input


Try not to get your arm up as soon as you do. That could lead to arm injury and is not good.

I suggest getting your hips moving toward the target sooner. Right now, you don’t start forward until your knee has reached the peak of your knee lift and it is starting back down.

I don’t really see an issue with your arm but, if there is one, getting started toward the target sooner will most likely take care of it.

Thank you.

I could be wrong, but it looks to me like you’re rotating your shoulders before you rotate your hips, i.e., ‘leading with your upper body.’ At the very least they rotate at the same time. Go thru the video with the pause button and check me please.



Yea i see this now

by not rotating the hips before the shoulders you are losing alot of velocity and increasing the chances of injury because you are just throwing with the arm.

Yea but my arm never feels bad but i do take good care of it. I do tubing every night quite a bit just to keep it strong and I ice it a lot.

But by only throwing with your arm the velocity will never reach as high as the kids that use there full body.

Try to work on staying closed and throw the ball ok.

Yea i’ll go out and work on it tomorrow as long as it doesn’t rain.

Another video if you see anything else. I tried to correct some stuff but it will take time.

Another view

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In the video’s you do not look like you are very explosive and using your whole body the best that you can. Work on being explosive and really getting the hips to open.

yea i was surprised with how explosive i am i thought i was more than that but i guess not i’ll have to work on it a bit.

What program did you use to get the frame by frame?

The way i did frame by frame was uploaded it to windows movie maker.

From there I went and took the video and stopped it and took a picture with the windows movie maker and did that for the whole wind-up then put it in the time line and put it on you tube.

If you send me the video to I could put it frame by frame for you send it back to your email then you could post it on youtube.

Thanks for the help.

I can do it on my own im familiar with movie maker but if i need help i’ll send it to you…

[size=18]Frame By Frame[/size]

It looks like you open up just a little now that i can see it in frame by frame. Work on staying closed with the front shoulder and exploding through the balance point.

Try to not think hit the balance point it slows you down.

Yea i can tell when i do close my shoulder longer i get a lot more speed and accuracy. I’ll just have to keep at it.

You still need to get those hips started forward sooner. Build up some momentum and stretch out that stride.