me pitching

Looking for any help possible mainly because last year i did have a arm problem in my forearm area to just past the elbow. I think it has to be something in my mechanics because my coach did not let us throw curveballs at all.

Age: 15 almost 16
Height: Almost 5’9
Weight: 200
Fastball: 65-70

when on ur stride does any one know if ur heel is supposed to land first or ur toes more or less if u look in the video u can see what im saying

Some coaches teach NOT landing on the heel. I used to. But I no longer worry about that. First, the rest of the foot comes down after a couple milliseconds so it’s not really an issue. Second, if you get your hips going and build up some good momentum, then this becomes even less of an issue or even goes away completely.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

alright thanks thats been something bothering me for a while and i always thought u were supposed to but i didnt know how much of a difference it would make or if it did make a difference at all

i dont no if u looked at the video or not roger but if u could can u tell me if it looks like im throwing across my body a lil bit because i no last year it was a lil probalem and on the second day of try outs i was pitching and my arm got numb to the point where even holding the ball it hurt like hell.

I’m currently in San Diego going through the Tom House/NPA certification clinic and the free wireless internet that my hotel offers doesn’t provide the best bandwidth for watching video. I will look at the video when I return home.

alright thanks

Alrighty then. I’ve had a chance to look at your video (as brief as it is).

To answer your question about throwing across your body, it does appear that you stride to the closed side a bit. (But it’s kind of hard to tell from the camera angle.)

If you want to make an adjustment related to this, I would recommend moving your starting position to the left side of the rubber. To figure out how far over to move, throw a few pitches as you normally would off a dirt mound and look at where your back foot drag line ends - it should be off to the right side of the rubber centerline. How ever far off the centerline of the rubber your drag line ends is how far over to the left you need to move. You want your drag line to end on the centerline of the rubber. This adjustment will cause you to stride onto the centerline of the rubber instead of away from it. As a result, you will still stride to the closed side a bit but when you “turn the corner” to square with the target you won’t have to turn as much. In other words, you won’t throw across your body as much. This is a fairly benign adjustment to make in that it you’re not actively trying to do something different. If this doesn’t correct things enough, then you will need to consider changing the direction you stride.

I would also suggest that you try getting the hips started forward sooner (while maintaining the same knee lift) to build more momentum down the hill. The added momentum will let you put more zip on the ball using your body.

alright i will work with it for the next two weeks and let u no how it works thanks