Me pitching Video

heres some videos of me pitching please give me advice on my mechanics and please tell me if im doing anything wrong please :smiley: thank you. And if u watch the videos and u know a lil somthing bout pitching please leave some advice of a comment.

More Videos coming soon… and ill make sure to work on your advice and apply it into my pitching, thanks

it looks like you are short-arming the ball and just kind of “chucking” it as hard as you can. I don’t think you get your arm high enough either when you throw. You’re opening up way early and you stride is too short…

But what do I know, I’m 15. Get these opinions confirmed by an expert. A book that has really helped with my mechanics is “the Ultimate Guide To Advanced Pitching Philosophies” by Steven Ellis. There is a really in-depth section on proper mechanics (and I got it for only $10).

If you’re going to video yourself for analysis, we need to see your feet as a some of us make certain judgements when the front foot plants. If we can’t see your feet, that makes it rather tough.

Also, you should have shoes on so that you can throw with 100% intensity. Anything less and we’re not assessing what you’ll do in a game situation

that does not look like an 85 mph heater.
I get sick of all these people who lie about there pitching


He might just not know how fast he really throws. Or maybe the video is deceiving. Who knows? If you don’t think he’s throwing as fast as he claims, say so. But no need to call him a liar. Let’s stick to the high road.

1)Nice Camper
2)Short arming the ball
3)short stride
4)open up to early
5)Not tucking glove in
6)Not enough drive when pushing off

[quote=“futureKazmir”]1)Nice Camper[/quote]Wish I had one.

[quote=“futureKazmir”]2)Short arming the ball[/quote]How do you define that? I can’t really tell with this dark video and the angle. The first video’s really dark.

[quote=“futureKazmir”]5)Not tucking glove in[/quote]He can’t. He drops it down so early. Suggestion. Study the lead arm actions exhibited by the pros in the video clips library.

One more comment. You need to relax your arms at your “set” position. Your body needs to be as tension free as possible, and your motion needs to be repeatable. Holding your arms up like this for any period of time will be tiring and cause stress which will ultimately change your motion, timing etc. Take a good look at how relaxed Mariano’s delivery is in the video.

yea, i can throw 85 i just dident want to strain myself cause before that i trained for 6 hours the day before so my arm was hurting

Then why take a video
No comment on the mechanics because I don’t know enough but I don’t like it when people post a video, get feedback, then say they were tired or that something was hurting.
If you record yourself throwing at atleast close to game intensity and your body being close to 100% the feedback will help you a lot more.

Just my opinion