Me pitching at my batting cage

Just another data point here…

Tom House says that scap loading occurs but it is otherwise a non-teach.

Now, on the other hand, a number of the fitness drills that House recommends involve pinching the shoulder blades together. However, the purpose here is not to practice scap loading but to strengthen the muscles used to pinch the shoulder blades together because after the scap complex is pulled back and the arm starts forward, those muscles become decellerators. So it’s more about joint stability and injury prevention.

I happen to agree with this.

I think that, like external rotation, scap loading is the EFFECT of velocity rather than the CAUSE.


So are you saying that the scap load doesn’t take place until the shoulders start to rotate forward? I’m not sure I’ve understood your comment correctly.

ok im really confused here??? should i or not

If you don’t, you will NOT maximize your velocity potential. Whether it’s a non-teach or not, if you aren’t doing it, you have a mechanical flaw. RIstar, can you show me even one shred of evidence of these disastrous things you are attributing to scap loading? It’s easy to say something but much harder to BACK IT UP.

Chris, it’s a result of what? The thrusting of the chest forward and shoulder rotation? Sure, I can buy that. My point is that, if it’s not happening, for whatever reason, you won’t throw your hardest. The increased range of motion and build up of elastic energy is the CAUSE of velocity. Everything we do leading up to the scap loaded moment is preparatory. It’s for the purpose of loading muscles and connective tissues. If you do not pinch the shoulder blades, you will NOT load the corresponding tissues and therefore, will NOT get the benefits of unloading those tissues. We’re talking about enhancement of everything in pitching.

Now, I will agree that this puts stress on the tissues. What in pitching doesn’t??? How about full external rotation of the humerus? Should we stop that too? That’s EXTREMELY dangerous!! Compare how many rotator cuff tendon injuries there are because of full external rotation to how many from scap loading.

The whole idea of what we’re doing here is to stretch muscles and tendons to the breaking point. That’s the fuel for pitching. This whole activity is a contradiction. That which begets velocity is also what raises the risk of injury. We train and train to make the stretching of these tissues more rapid and powerful so the resulting unload is more forceful. That’s how velo is produced but the tissues just don’t like it.

heelan13, do NOT attempt to do this by pulling the elbows back behind you. That is the more risky part. On the way back, it’s the shoulder blades pinching together that is required. RIstar hasn’t the foggiest idea what he’s speaking about. RIstar, did you look at those videos I mentioned, or any others? Have you found a pro who doesn’t do it? Remember, Dick Mills recommends pinching the shoulder blades and thrusting the chest out. Go for it and good luck with that.

in a couple weeks after i work on all things you all have told me about, my head, my glove? i think?, my stride being a little bitlonger…illpost another couple pitches and ill see what you guys think , until then ill keep conditioning and owrking on my core

Chances are you already do it. In fact, if you weren’t doing it, something about your delivery wouldn’t have looked right and you probably would have gotten some comments on it from people who reviewed your video. :wink:

I suggest you don’t worry about it.

alright thanks roger, for everything