Me Pitching 11Months Out of Tommy John surgery

Can I get some feedback. Thanks. I am only throwing at 75 to 80%.

How are ya feelin? You look like you are throwing free and easy. It’s good to see you made it back to the bump. I think you look fundementally sound.

I agree with JD. I’ll add that I think you look better in the 2nd video because you appear to keep the shoulders closed a bit longer, you track forward out over the front leg further, and you get your release point out in front of the front foot. This all starts with keeping the glove up in front a bit longer.

The earlier rotation in the 1st video prevents you from getting out front as far, it pulls your release point back, it reduces the efficiency of your energy transfer up through your body and it puts more stress on the arm as you try to throw just as hard without the full aid of your body.

do you know of any drills i can do to not put the stress on the arm?

Boy Yank, thats a toughie…no one here will want to tell you anything that is outside of what your doctor has to tell you…at least until you’re cleared for play. As I/we understand TJ it is of the utmost importance to follow 100% what program the doc gives you…the last thing any of us is about is getting you a problem or an issue…heck we want the box seats when you are all the way back :wink: