Me last season

Hey I don’t have any recent clips but this is from this past spring. I’m a 6’5 200lb college righty. I’m just interested to hear what y’all have to say. I have already addressed and corrected a couple flaws that I saw. I was collapsing my back leg a bit and was also wrapping my arm a bit. I was 87-89 this game.

Looks like you really drop at the start of your stride. (I assume that’s what you meant by collapsing your back leg.) That represents wasted energy because once you collapse the leg you then have to exert force down toward the ground to halt that downward movement. Energy directed toward the ground is energy NOT directed at the target.

Also, your stride looks like a big step. That is, it looks like you take a big step with your stride foot. I’d prefer to see you lead with the front hip a little longer into your stride before swinging the stride foot out front. That will create more momentum resulting in more energy to put into the ball as well as a longer stride. It will also set up a better load for forward trunk flexion.

What college and where are you projected within the staff?

Roger I definitely agree with what you’re saying and it is something i’ve been working on. I’ll see if i can’t get some recent film soon.

Maineball- I’d prefer to not disclose too much info but this film was of me at a juco down in texas. i am now pitching at a d-1 in new york and am slated as a weekend starter.

I don’t know why I even asked, I’m the same way when people ask me that.

What I wouldn’t give to be 6’5 though. Talk about projectability.

We play a handful of schools in New York although New York has about 20 division I schools.