Maximum power within the stride

Hey guys.

Well i am starting from the begining
Fixing my mechanics and not caring if i throw 80 mph or slower but.

First thing i want is to maximize power from my legs.
So i you can answer these questions with advice as well as pictures for a better visuals.

  1. For a 6’2" pitcher how long should the stride be? Be specific using measurements with feet not percentage.
  2. How Far do i push before pelvic and torso rotation?
  3. How high should the leg lift be?

I will be practicing this for about a week.
then progress to the torso then shoulders then the arm.

Thanks guys.

well you want your stride to be 100% but you would need really good Plant leg strength.

what do you mean by How Far do i push before pelvic and torso rotation?

Explain that better. Please

opening up
rotating of hips stomach shoulders etc.

Well, I think that 100% number is a little to vaugue. You see guys who can stride 85% of their height and throw 95mph, and guys like lincecum who are closer to 110-115% and throw 95. We are all different, so using a general number is not the right idea.

A better method would be to say drive as far as you can without inhibiting your hip rotation. A stride should be as sideways and as laterally based as possible, because that means you are keeping your hips and shoulder closed by doing so. But sometimes, in an effort to extend their stride, a pitcher will open up their hips early, which leads to an early torso rotation. You could have a 120% stride doing this, but it will be for naught because striding this way is massively inefficient and you will find yourself throwing slower because you are flying open and losing lots of potential energy.

So find a stride that is comfortable with you. You can extend a little beyond this comfort zone if you want to, but don’t try and overdo it because do to our inherit flexibility, some of us can drive further than others, and trying to go beyond that will do more harm than good.

nice post, I like that

Thank you, I really felt that for once I knew what I was talking about when I wrote that lol

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