Maximizing Velocity with What You Already Have

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I am about to be a sophomore in highschool, and I am 15 years old. I was wondering what ways you can increase your velocity without having to go on workout plans or do training. I am already on my own diet and workout routine and I think I am set there. I am just asking more specifically on the finre things in mechanics or other techniques that can increase fastball velocity by a couple mph or so. I have heard guys like Barry Zito extending his stride to add a little speed. Are there any other ways?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Get your hips started forward sooner and faster to build more momentum and optimize your mechanics and timing. Specifically, you want to maintain good posture and balance so that all your energy is directed toward the target. You want to get good hip and shoulder separation. You want to delay shoulder rotation until the hips have fully rotated. You want to make sure you have proper timing to not open up early. Make sure you have proper strength and flexibility to support all of this.

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Well, i really need new mechanics. I feel so lost when i begin. Ive tried going over my head to gain some sort of rythm, that didnt work. Nothing has. Is there any pitcher that has sound mechanics that i could try to replicate or build off of?

Also, i like to look at the scouting videos of the drafted player on MLB’s draft page. There are so many different windups out there. I saw Brandon Morrow’s… I have one similar to his now, but he starts falling off the rubber pretty early, kind of. Does that help with anything?

I think it is amazing how Tim Lincecum is such a small guy, and yet generates so much power. Watching him, he hits 94-95 consistantly. How does a small guy like himself do it? Are his mechanics that fitted for himself? (I also find it funny he NEVER ices his arm after pitching. lol)

By the way, thanks for the help above.

Brandon Morrow.

it’s because he gets so much momentum twords homeplate when he pitches. He uses a lot of body to generate that power.

your windup is like a batting stance, you have to be comfortable with it. look at the major leagues, every single pitcher has a different windup. every one has the same mechanics but they just adjust them to fit themselves.