MAX the student of Dick Mills and pump and drive

Dick mills student WOW look at his windup. CALLED THE PUMP AND DRIVE.
Slow motion

         Front Slow Mo 

Very different and note this kid through a NO-Hitter.

Well, kind of similar to what I imagined… only flaw (in my standard) I see is that I think loading the pelvis by doing the ‘slight counter-rotate’ the front leg (front hip joint charging back hip joint) is the most important way to drive the center of mass.

Other thing is that I think Max and other Mills student are not getting enough hip rotation seeing that they mostly end up to home plate. For right-handers, I think they should end up mostly to 1st base side (sign of full-rotation) then toward the home plate.

Otherwise, the delivery on 3rd clip is FAST. If he can rotate better and can load that pelvis, he can throw harder, I guess. I wonder how hard he threw before he changed his delivery

how old is max? he looks young 2 be throwing 84

The age of the poster is 19, according to YouTube. Is that also the age of this kid? If so, 84 mph at 19 years old is poor velocity. No offense…

I’m totally kidding, btw :slight_smile:

I just don’t know what to say Ristar…Is this Dicks Mills best offering for the mechanics he advocates? I’m not giggging the kid for 84 mph, that is good giddyup for a kid this age, really its pretty good speed period. It just looks very hard to repeat, consistently…I hope he gets a tighter hat. That is certainly a dramatic back step.

I also don’t know how you could throw anything other than a fastball with these mechanics. You certainly could throw a finesse pitch, such as an effective CB or CH with them.

If I were a young kid looking for pitching mechanics help, I’d take a look around the big leagues, and then try emulate how some of those guys throw. Most have very similar throwing mechanics. Most do not look like this kid. Lincecum doesn’t look like this kid. Ryan didn’t. Clemens doesn’t. Farnsworth doesn’t. Zumaya doesn’t. Maddux doesn’t. Smoltz doesn’t. …

That should tell you something.

Looks like a combo of Dizzy Dean and Sandy Koufax.

looks like a combo of a drunk man and a stupid cow.

[quote=“Steven Ellis”]Most do not look like this kid. Lincecum doesn’t look like this kid. Ryan didn’t. Clemens doesn’t. Farnsworth doesn’t. Zumaya doesn’t. Maddux doesn’t. Smoltz doesn’t. …

That should tell you something.[/quote]Mills is very aware of how this does not look like those guys. That’s his selling point. Remember, he’s all about momentum generation. I don’t know if this is a panacea but I’d hesitate to condemn solely because it’s not the same as the guys out there now. As for being able to repeat this delivery, I’m not sure why one couldn’t. It’s quite simple and straight forward (pun intended) and I’d be willing to bet that it’s actually quite repeatable.

The big step back is intentional. The idea with it is to have 2 push-offs. One off that back step and another from the posting leg as the hips move past it. Very Marshallesque!!!

If they can solve the problem of loading the hips during that stride, I’d say they have something.

Other than getting the hips loaded, what do you guys find so bad about the mechanics, aside from how the guys out there now don’t do it?

i knind of like the idea of PUMP and DRIVE. It’s all about getting wek hits and if a pitcher flew at me like that i might react different and the pitcher doesn’t need the hips loaded if he is getting all that power at the plate.

I like the idea of generating more momentum towards home plate, it’s worked for me when I’ve tried it, but how is this supposed to work out of the stretch?

Obviously it doesn’t. Pump and drive is built on the idea of 2 pushes. The stretch, of course, can only afford 1. Mills’ thoughts on the stretch are very similar to everyone else’s, in that you get the hips (centre of gravity) going early and hard. No big revelations there.

I threw the dick mills style for 2 pitches in Bating practice the kid good scared because I lunged so far lol. And it see’s to feel like you throw harder and get more out of the body.