Max Lifts

Ive been hitting the gym hard and insead of comparing myself to the giant muscle heads, I was wondering where I stack up agianst baseball players. Im 19 6’3’ and 190lbs, my max squat is 315, bench 190 and dead 325. How does that compare? should I be able to do more? It seems kind of low to me but I dont know what other ball players lift

I’m 5’-9"ish maybe a hair taller, 170, pretty solid. I can deadlift 315 easily, I’d say you could up your deadlift pretty good. Squat higher, I’d just say keep up the good work and keep working hard. Thoes numbers will go up.

I’ve been lifting since summer before sophomore year, regularly, Russian conjugate method, although I didn’t start benching last winter.


Squat: 405lbs
Deadlift: 485lbs
Bench: 200lbs

Although my lifts have dropped off a ton in season, I have no idea where they’re at now.