Max lifts

what is everyones max lift in Squats, bench, Deadlift and Powercleans and other lifts 1 and 3 reps. I want to know where everyone is in thier strength training and please leave your age.

Hmm… havent max’ed in a while. Here is what it was earlier in the year (18 yo, 195 lbs.)
Bench- 190
Squat- 365
Deadlift- 225
Powercleans- N/A (didnt wanna kill myself with no spot :wink: )
Leg Press (for fun)- 650
Calf Raise machine (fun again)- 340

Those were 1rm.

Im 19 years old an weight 187

Bench - 250

Squat - 425

Deadlift - 365

Powerclean - N/A never maxed on the clean

I also bodybuild little so im liftin quite a bit…I dont max out too much, only in legs, cause i dont wanna get bulky casue theres no help there

15 year old. Did these lifts at 136lbs. (Have since moved, now weigh 142 and have just been able to restart my training, setting up a home gym :-), membership rates here are pathetic)

Haven’t maxed out yet, multiple reasons, but I’ll give my set of a lift as well as ORM calculator estimate for the sake of it:

Bench: Not the greatest, but hey ya gotta start somewhere lol, 85lbsx8~105lbs max

Squat: 205x6~238lbs max

Deadlift: 205x10~273lbs max (did 10 trying to end a set at fatigue and a personal challenge) I will say 273 pounds sounds significantly higher than what I would guess my max is just from feel.

Power Clean: Haven’t got my rack yet, so I didn’t wanna do to much incase my grip slipped, but did 100x6 for 6 sets~116lbs max, I think I know I can do more reps than 6 though so I would guess my max is higher. (did PC’s at 142lbs body weight)


Actually my best thing this offseason has been taking a decent amount of time off of my 60, without being very deep in my training yet.

Max Bench- 190
Max Squat- n/a I cant squat with my knees
Deadlift- 145… just started on these ones
Leg Press- 1,000 in my prime… right now 880

Im 16, 215lbs

So far qball is the only one in the 1,000 pound club. :shock:

14 years old, 110

bench… 100
deadlift…(n/a no spotter)
Legpress …175

If you can swap out the squats for leg presses Im in the 1k club too… I cant do squats, heck, even just getting down to catch makes my knees crack and pop and hrut like a b****

I’m about like center field. I’m 15-5’8" 130 lbs.

Powerclean-Not too sure I havent maxed out on this before, but probably 100 or so.

Leg Press-400
Calf machine-200 or so

I have bad knees too. Wrapping or using a brace helps a little bit. I actually couldn’t do squats at all after injuring my knee. I built my way back up with leg presses, then sled hack squats. After a while the pain became manageable. The bigger and stronger the quads are, the less stress you get on the knee joint.

…but I still cant do a full catcher’s crouch. Just get a bucket :smiley:

I maxed my senior year in high school at:

Bench: 225lbs
cleaned: 205lbs
legs press: 820lbs

I’m 16, 152 lbs, and I’m 5’8. I haven’t really maxed on anything but bench.

Bench- 155 lbs.

Sqauts- 190 lbs. (I’m pretty sure I can do more cuz I’ve never maxed out.)

Deadlifts- Havent really tried maxing out on these, most ive done is 100 lbs, but thats like 3 sets of 10.

Leg Press- 375 lbs. (Dont know my Max)

Cleans- I guess 100 lbs?

Should my max be higher at this age, height, and weight?