Max hip/shoulder seperation and arm action

I was thinking about the delay of the shoulder to get max velocity and thought if roger clemens and his arm when he plants look at this photo.

From this photo there are a couple of things that happen.

Could his arm not being ready to throw at a 90 degree angle increase his hip/shoulder seperation because the arm is still getting ready and the hips are openning?
I have the same arm action with the arm when i land like his.

Who says his arm is not ready to throw? What would be different if it were ready to throw? Regardless, I don’t think that really figures into Clemens staying closed.

Rather, his glove arm is up in front at foot plant and he is in the NPA’s “equal and opposite” arm position (which means the forearm to upper arm angles are the same for each arm). According to the NPA, this provides the timing to properly delay shoulder rotation and achieve good hip and shoulder separation.

The photo also shows good posture which also aids in maintaining proper timing.

Well when I mean he’s not ready to throw I meant that his arm isn’t up into the throwing position he will still rotate it back a little after plant and then throw. I noticed that if the arm is like that then the hips will open more and then the arm will get up and be ready to rotate through does that make any sence?

I think I know what you’re saying.

One more thing I would point out in that picture is that Clemens’ back foot hasn’t turned over yet. That tells me that his hips haven’t fully rotated yet either. So his arm (and shoulders) still have some time before they have to do their thing.

how close to the dirt do you think that back shin is? it looks like its about an inch off the ground.