Max effort result in injury


My son is a a facility for the summer and his first max effort velocity throw caused pain in his whole arm. For two weeks now he’s still having pain in the arm, he says his muscles hurt. At first he described it as his whole arm aching. At the facility they are calling it “sore arm” but I think it’s more! What could he have injured that causes this type of pain? He saw the physical therapist who did not really give him a diagnosis for the arm. He is 20 yrs old.


Be smart- take control of his arm and shut him down and take him to an orthopedist, preferably one with training in sports medicine.

  1. Shut him down.
  2. Take him to an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine and experienced in throwing injuries.
  3. Don’t listen to anyone else (expect me :slight_smile:).


Did he build up to max velocity? Did they do any testing initially?


How is your son fairing today? Has he or you seen improvement?