Maurice McPherson Summer Improvements

This first video is from my last appearance of the summer

Two games I pitched in a double header at the Buckeye Elite Tournament.
I felt like I’m really getting my velocity up there with each outing. Does it look like I am giving max effort on most of these pitches?[/youtube]

I really like your improvement in the post position, looks like you have compacted the leg so that you don’t need to use your ab muscles so much to hold your balance there. I could/would like to see you still a little flatter in your finish, finishing a little more with your right hand just over the left knee vs so high at the hip. This might be something that comes naturally if you would increase your stride toward home more, don’t know how you feel about that at this point of your career.

Senior Year. Just looking to be my best. Thank you for the tips.

My question was more to are you still able to or are you willing to continue to refine your mechanics based on being a senior right now. Hopefully you still feel you can make adjustments to your mechanics and continue to improve. Good Luck and keep the video’s coming because the most recent had excellent improvements.