Maurice McPherson - Junior Whetstone High School

Got a side view?

I’m thinking you could create more momentum down the hill, lead with the front hip more, and get your release point further out front. This should also help you create more hip and shoulder separation and later shoulder rotation.

But I’d really want to see a side view to be sure of my assessment.

You throw a ton of breaking stuff or is that just the way you chose to do the vid? Careful with falling in love with the slide piece.

That was my first impression as well.

This video was from this summer when I was nursing a hamstring injury on my left leg and I could tell something was up when I was pitching, but recently I’ve been working on getting my drop and drive back. Sorry this is the only view I’ve got.
Everything I throw will move, either with a tail or a run. It was my first outing in a while after sitting out from my hamstring and when I don’t throw hard it tends to look more like a slider than a cutter. But like with the last batter I start to grove a little bit and I start to throw it harder.

Ever thought about working in a good hard 4 seamer? It has great use, my bet is if you put it in there as an option you’d get additional k’s and a few pop-ups (Hey easy chance, one pitch outs is really good :wink: ). Coming belt high or better, inside or out is a great “change-of-pace” on a steady diet of movement…heck just flat challenging with it is, with your delivery profile, going to prove highly effective. You got the whole “Pedro”, slingy thing going on there…which is why the movement…
Mo I wouldn’t really have any suggestions after looking at this other than the caution about falling in love with the moving stuff. Keep a steady frontside and work to keep your hand behind the ball, overloading is very effective as a way to induce movement…particularly if you have long fingers. Another perspective may be better to be able to make any, if needed, mech changes.

I have a great 2 seam that I normally use but it wasn’t very effective that day.