Matt Moore

Pitching tonight against the Boston Red Sox is the Rays highly touted pitching prospect Matt Moore. While he has had some command issues lately the guy absolutely brings it. The thing that is so amazing is that it looks completely effortless. His overall motion is so smooth it looks like he’s playing catch and then BAM! 97 mph. Any thoughts as to how he does it?

Smooth, continuous, connected mechanics.

He has some of the nicest looking mechanics I have ever seen.

I saw him lose 2 Sundays ago in St Pete…he gave up some dink hits, looked smooth…lost to a crafty lefty who survived a 4 run 1st :shock: , here’s 2 pitches right off of my iphone…I got some Laflippin vid too 8)
Full screen it looks pretty clear. Great seats huh?? :wink:

It won’t embed right now so paste the link

Hopefully when I go down to the trop this summer I get to see him. If not there’s two others I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Nice JD