Matsuzakas Mechanics

could anyone find a slowmotion video is matsuzakas mechanics? He has really good mechanics. I think my motion is somewhat like his to a point. So i would like someone to eithe r break down his mechanics for me or just fnd me a side view slow motion video please.

I look like him also!

I have a lot of clips of him pitching, all kind of views too.

heres one slow motion is at 1:50

Now someone explain his motion please. He starts his stride with his hip, then pause with his upper body till his foot plants, the throws?? I dont understand that, is that what peopple call "keep weight back?

I hope you understand my english (at least Roger does :slight_smile: ).

How you guys like his arm action?

I think the herky-jerky pause/hitch in his wind-up is designed to throw off a hitter’s timing; to cause them to load too soon.

It’s distracting (and disconcerting) to watch. I couldn’t imagine trying to hit off of it.

This is a great example of deception in action.

Is he trying to “stay back” in his delivery, something like Mariano Rivera does? What do you think about “staying back”, some pitchers do it, some dont, whats the deal with that?

i used to try to stay back but that made me leave the ball up in the zone. i stopped that and my up/low control increased a lot.

No, because it’s not what Rivera does.

Watch his hips start moving sideways toward the top of his leg lift.

Notice how Riveras back shoulder dips, why is that? It still looks like he has more weight on his back foot until his leg plants.

Nikae09, you pretty much answered your question… he is keeping is weight back over the inner part of his PAS leg. I’ve noticed this on several of the vids of pitchers… they DO start with the hip leading, but keep the weight back - as I mentioned before - they look like they form a backwards K.

I think some people get confused, that started the hips forward - means moving the weight forward, which doesn’t seem to be the case.


can we get back to matsuzaka’s mechanics?

Here’s a CF view of Matsuzaka…

I think his mechanics are pretty solid and will be very interested in what he does.

One thing to notice is his herky-jerky wind-up. As I said, I think it’s deliberate; designed to throw off the hitter’s timing.

For those of you who are interested, I have just put together an analysis of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s mechanics…

Why did you take back view? Side view is much better for that type of analysis.

This is the only clip of him that I could find on the Web.

I’ll try to tape an appearance of him when the regular season starts.

I posted link in this topic, just cut out the part where he is shown in slow motion (open side view)

there is a great video of matsuzaka’s mechanics here, don’t know if you have seen it:

it’s under Multimedia, date is 4/4/07

it’s pretty cool :smiley:

(first post btw!)

In that video, the announcer says, “…the pause at the top leads to an explosion of energy as he drives through and blows a fastball past Melvin…”.

Huh? Does that mean anything?

I thought the comparison to Clemens was interesting.

But Chris’s feathers are gonna’ get ruffled if he listens to the announcer talk about Dice-K’s elbow being abover the shoulder line and that being a good thing. (Although I’m not sure I’d agree that Dice-K’s elbow really is above the shoulder line.)