Matawari Stretch

I was just browsing through some of the articles on this website, and i came across one titled “Pitching Velocity: 10 Ways to Increase Baseball Pitching Velocity” This article mentioned a stretch that T. Inohiza added to his throwing routine, called the Matawari Stretch, that added 12.42 mph on his fastball over a 3 month period. There wasn’t much of an explanation of this stretch in the article, other than it was a pelvic/hip stretch. I just thought that if this could add so much velocity to your fastball over such a small period of time, why hasn’t much been made of it? Just wanted to hear some opinions about it.

(Also googled it, and there weren’t any pictures I could find, but the brief explanation was to spread your legs as far apart as you could on the ground and try to touch your torso to the ground in front of you)

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Trust me a stretch didn’t add 12 MPH onto his fastball. Maby it meant that in the period he was doing the stretch he gained 12 MPH. I’m sure he wasn’t just doing that stretch there was probably a whole workout plan involved and a throwing routine.

Kinda like how Jared didn’t lose 200 lbs. by just eating Subway every day…

From google searching:

an article that explains how to do the stretch
and a picture

Edit: Maybe having flexible inner leg muscles will help you stride further fluidly?

I think thats the best way to put it. It may have supplemented his program and helped him add 12 mph but I feel there had to be more to the program than just one stretch. But on the same coin it can’t hurt so its worth a shot. I think I’ll start adding it to my program. :lol:

That was what I was thinking, I mean its just another stretch to add to a routine, can’t hurt!

And btw I didn’t say that this was the only thing he did and it wasn’t immediate.

Notice “throwing routine” and “3 month period” :stuck_out_tongue:

hell i could use 12 mph in 3 months idc how I get it lol.

I Cant find the name But i went from 82Mph on the Bump to 89Mph within 2 months of stretching 3x daily so yes stretching is the biggest part of fastball velo if your strong and healthy