Massage Therapy

My girlfriend is a very skilled massage therapist. She worked on me for over an hour earlier this week. The day after, I threw completely pain free and had one of the best bullpen sessions ever. I was throwing harder and more accurately than ever before. But the most amazing thing was how quickly I was able to get loose.

I wanted to ask this question (particularly to Steven Ellis): How common is massage therapy used among professionals? Also, If anyone has had massage therapy I’d love to hear some feedback.

I am well aware that every pitcher is totally unique and that what works for some might not work for others. That being said, after the massage my girl gave me, I felt like I had a brand new arm.

By the way, there is no bias here because she is my girlfriend. I was very skeptical that she did all that much until I actually picked up a baseball. However, I am looking into trying to connect her with baseball players, particularly pitchers. If she can do for others (especially pros) what she did for me, I feel that they would be willing to pay good money for her services.

I also feel that I should mention that she is no ordinary massage therapist. She lives in Humboldt County CA. Therefore, she’s all into holistic and organic healing and positive energy vibes and all that. She studied under an actual massage master. She’s really good.

I had a few sessions with a chiropractor this summer that mainly did deep tissue massage and wow it really helped.

Massage therapy is widely used amongst the pros. We encourage our athletes to get massages when possible, but since it can be pricey, we use self-myofascial release techniques with foam rollers, baseballs, and The Stick to loosen up tissue and improve soft tissue quality.

It makes a huge difference. You’re not alone in thinking so!

Check out the Fitness Quest 10 website
. Notice the clientelle (e.g. Drew Brees, Ladian Tomlinson, what’s his name from the Bengals, etc.) Notice the types of massage they offer. And I encourage you to read about Todd himself (under “About Us”) - his is a very inspirational story.

Yeah, massage is a good but probably under-appreciated option.

(BTW, when the NPA coaches certifications were held in San Diego, Todd was one of the regular presenters.)

ordinary massage

therapist. She lives in Humboldt County CA