Massachusetts High School baseball coach fired for THIS?


This just happened today… a coach who has made the tournament in each of his 14 years at the helm, has won nearly 80 percent of his games (269-68), including three state titles, has sent numerous players to college and has run a program that was the model for many others was fired today.

Lincoln-Sudbury head baseball coach Kirk Fredericks was not asked to return for a 15th season by athletic director Peter Elenbaas.

Here’s why:

Sadly, there are a small faction of people in Lincoln-Sudbury who feel a better mode of coaching would be the following: Don’t cut anybody from the team, make sure everyone plays the same amount of innings, provide a little pat on the head every time their precious one makes a mistake and sing Kumbaya after the contest.


We need to be understanding of these parents. How can little Johnny make it to the majors if he’s sitting on the bench? Right? :wink:


Sounded like a good coach


Without that coach expecting and pushing them past their limits, can athletes achieve their most?


There is nothing but speculation in that article. Never stats why he was fired.


Matt Blake has been the varsity pitching coach at LS for years and expressed his disappointment about the firing on Twitter today.


Sounds like the PC police. Educated fools in education making decisions.


Fired for doing too good a job? What is this world coming to?


Fearsomefour nailed it. On the other hand, systems like that in this school often change with certain prevailing winds. However, the talents of a man that has talent, usually doesn’t go to waste for long.