Maryland Baseball Leaving ACC?

What’s all this I hear about Maryland leaving the ACC and going to the Big 10? And what is the commitment of the administration to the baseball program? There is talk that it is all driven by financial concerns with non revenue sports. What say you - Lankylefty? State College can be nippy in the Spring.


Well I guess it’s a done deal. Maybe I’ll go see LankyLefty at State College. It’s a very nice venue. Bring your UnderArmour !

I live 25 minutes from state and I’m there now. It’s cold. ESPECIALLY in spring!

I live 25 minutes from state. It’s cold. ESPECIALLY in spring!

One of the winters I spent on campus was 1977-78. Google the snowfall that year and you’ll find out I didn’t see grass until probably April 1978. 143 inches ! :snowfight:

That’s a ton of snow holy