Martinez, Johnson, Smoltz

What a GREAT year for the Hall of Fame with these guys. True competitors. Nasty to face, but love having them on your team.

Just think, the Montreal Expos would have had a decent team had they been able to keep two of their pitching prospects…Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson…in their organization. Not a bad 1-2 punch for a team to roll out there.

There has been much speculation about Smoltz and Biggio getting in. It’s an opinion-driven selection process, and in my opinion, I’d take both of them on my team any day of the week. There are a lot of Steady-Eddies in the Hall and they deserve some credit for helping make this game great and preserving the false-reality / illusion for the fans that the regular Joe can play MLB. Baseball has this mystique that the players look a lot like us normal folks (not freakishly tall or freakishly strong like the NBA or NFL). Hockey and baseball are played by seemingly normal people. Baseball has the edge on hockey in that it doesn’t require the ability to stand on two narrow metal blades. It’s a game that we all have played and is easier to imagine yourself playing baseball than any other professional sport. We just conveniently forget that one of the hardest things to do in professional sports is to hit a small round ball with a round bat. Biggio did it better than most.

I would like to see Schill get in, but that seems like it’s 3-5 years before that will happen. He would definitely be in my playoff pitching rotation. When the stakes are the highest, certain players find a way to excel–even when competing against the best players in the league.

John Smoltz is the kind of man that makes the Baseball HOF what it is. Taking nothing away from the others that are there.

It takes more than just stats. It takes the kind of stuff that, inside, a man is called a Major Leaguer in the first place. The toping on the cake are the little things.

It’s been quoted in TV Guide’s write up on John Smoltz that he has this “approachability” all because …" his mother seeing a child request an autograph from a Tigers player, who said, “Get out of here, kid.”

When a man makes it a point not to see that in himself, he’s got the stuff of what a Major Leaguer is all about.

Want to be a Major Leaguer some day? Have the little stuff that, when added up, makes you HOF material all by yourself.

My oldest son, now 28, was and still is a big Randy Johnson fan. When Johnson was pitching for Seattle and visited Pittsburgh I took him to the ballpark. We arrived early with ball and sharpie in hand I sent him down by the third base railing to stand and wait for an autograph. It was all he could do to get a spot there because of the crowd.

Johnson walked right over and signed a few balls going down the line skipping five or ten kids at a time. He skipped right over my son and then went into the dugout. He said not one word to anyone.

My son came back to his seat very disappointed. I hadn’t thought about that in a long time until my son called me to tell me about Johnsons election into the HOF. He then asked me if I would go to Cooperstown with him this year to see the induction ceremony.

I have been let’s say, not a people person, since my retirement. It’s not that I don’t like people, just not gobs and gobs of them all in one spot. But I will have to compromise and make this trip because it means something to him. I can’t get the image of that disappointed little boy out of my head.

Immortality does strange things, especially the mortal kind.

I will speak for the man…Pedro…nobody had as much fun…since Ernie Banks. I think that should be a variable…great stats? Good…Lengthy contribution…nice…impact player…soitenly…loved the game??? Had a very fun special time??? Beat dooky outta Don Zimmer??? Only Pedro… 8)

Just booked a room about an hour and a half out of Cooperstown. Closest I could get. Looks like the attendance for the induction weekend could rival some of the records. Why not…wonder how many “who’s your Daddy!” T shirts would sell?

Dino that’s crazy an hour and a half drive time, but it will totally be worth it.

It was one heckuva class that got in this year, and how about 5 SP in the last 2 years that’s pretty impressive. Hopefully that trend continues.