Marshall Stalvey, Pete Rose and a couple other guys

On my log I talked about this senior on my sons team from last year…I called him a fierce competitor…He was, features 3 different arm angles and at best hits 84 on a real good night. Dominated our district last year. Just attacked everyone in the line-up. Changed speeds, arm angles, location…late movement. Marshall really had only one bad outing all year and that was admittedly a miscalculation by his head coach (He brought him in relief, with only the standard 7 warmups and the kid was a starter who had played 3rd all game to that point) Anyway no one except a small CC in mid Michigan was willing to offer him a scholarship, so he went to a local CC and walked on, dominated all through the fall and was offered a scholarship for this spring 8) . Everyone said he was too slow to make it more than once through a line-up at the college level (Conventional wisdom :roll: ).
The difference? The kid is a fierce competitor, just like old Charles Hustle, Pete Rose. He’s not nice. He doesn’t care, he’s going to attack your line up and do every thing in his power to beat your team. Rose wasn’t the fastest, didn’t have a pretty swing, wasn’t flashy…nor was this kid, skinny as a rail, 6’2" or so. Just won’t lose. Won’t let you let his team lose.

Do you feel it? :shock: It’s just about to start. :smiley: The season :mrgreen: , it’s cranking up :bigroll: :cap: (Florida High School next week :bubblegum: ). All of you who have spent time working on your game, learning, refining your mechs, talking the art…here on this site and in your back yard, in your gyms…basements in some cases. How are you going to be? Are you going to be the fiercest competitor where-ever you are? Are you going to have an excuse or will you over-come? The season is starting…you won’t get it back. What are your goals…Will you exceed expectations? You college guys might have already started, I just want to wish all you guys that read our site, that use it and have benefitted from it,
Knock em dead. Please keep everyone up to date on how each of you are doing. I can speak for Steven and the other administrators when I say we are really interested in how well each of you progress. Good luck and I pray that you all stay injury free and reach your dream, whatever that may be.

That’s like Tom Brady

Winning is everything. Unfortunately only my catcher and me seem to understand that on the JV level.