Marketing Tricks Pricing Equipment

You’re looking for a new glove, and you see this add:

Here’s a marketing tactic at its best.


There’s a wave of MADE IN THE USA that’s being used to impress potential buyers that they’re looking at a product that’s made in America - but look closer. Products that are advertised, like the example above, are nothing more than hype… with a hype price tag.

Assembled in America is another hype that comes with an equally high price tag. Most of your “off the shelf” equipment for baseball is imported from Asia and other places. Any assembly - so qualified as being so called assembled… like putting a lace on here-n-there, or a stitch here-n-there, a label , even folding a box to put equipment in, can be considered " assembled."

So, good equipment is a no brainer, regardless of where it’s made. Just be on the lookout for Marketing tactics that’ll reach into your pockets… deeply. And just because the products says … so-n-so uses this thing, doesn’t mean that you’ll be somehow blessed with the same, or equal, playing ability as so-n-so.

I had the opportunity to visit a distribution warehouse for a shipment of equipment that was bought in bulk. A storage rack of huge carboard contains holding thousands and thousands of imported gloves with every possible sports equipment name imaginable was there for the offering. Along with the volume was the variations in style and size.

So look, if you need a $ 200 - $300 glove to give you that “pro” feeling, rethink that need again. You can be just as good, paying attention to your quality of play, that paying good money for a name, an advertising ploy, and having some marketing pitch dig into your pockets.

Tag sales, church rummage sales, estate sales, Salvation Army and Goodwill Thrift stores can offer you a great deal on some outstanding cow hide.